Attribute "style"

Used by:cluster, node, record, edge
Description:Defines the graphic style on an object.

If the style is "filled", the attribute fillcolor defines how to fill the object.
Values:"dashed", "dotted", "solid", "invis" and "bold" and "filled"
Default Value:solid
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Example 1/1:
Source code:
(graph ()
(cluster ((id "c1") (style "dashed") (label "dashed"))
(node ((id "a") (label "bold") (style "bold")))
(node ((id "b") (label "dashed") (style "dashed")))
(node ((id "c") (label "solid") (style "solid")))
(edge ((from "a") (to "b") (style "bold") (label "bold")))
(edge ((from "b") (to "c") (style "dotted") (label "dotted"))))
(cluster ((id "c2") (style "filled") (label "filled") (fillcolor "#E0E0E0"))
(node ((id "d") (label "filled") (style "filled")))
(cluster ((id "c3") (label "invisible node") (style "dotted"))
(node ((id "e") (label "invis") (style "invis"))))
(node ((id "f") (label "dotted") (style "dotted")))
(edge ((from "e") (to "f") (style "bold") (label "bold")))
(edge ((from "d") (to "e") (style "dashed") (label "dashed")))))
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