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These examples demonstrate the possibilities of 'dot' and S-Dot. Below each graph the S-Dot source code is listed. Click on the element and attribute names to get a documentation.

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The following examples are taken from the GraphViz web site (http://www.graphviz.org/Gallery.php).

Example 1/3:
Source code:
(graph ()
(cluster ((id "0") (style "filled") (color "#CCCCCC") (label "process #1"))
(node ((id "a0") (style "filled") (color "#FFFFFF")))
(node ((id "a1") (style "filled") (color "#FFFFFF")))
(node ((id "a2") (style "filled") (color "#FFFFFF")))
(node ((id "a3") (style "filled") (color "#FFFFFF")))
(edge ((from "a0") (to "a1")))
(edge ((from "a1") (to "a2")))
(edge ((from "a2") (to "a3")))
(edge ((from "a3") (to "a0"))))
(cluster ((id "1") (color "#3030CC") (label "process #2"))
(node ((id "b0") (style "filled")))
(node ((id "b1") (style "filled")))
(node ((id "b2") (style "filled")))
(node ((id "b3") (style "filled")))
(edge ((from "b0") (to "b1")))
(edge ((from "b1") (to "b2")))
(edge ((from "b2") (to "b3")))
(edge ((from "b3") (to "b0"))))
(node ((id "start") (shape "Mdiamond")))
(node ((id "end") (shape "Msquare")))
(edge ((from "start") (to "a0")))
(edge ((from "start") (to "b0")))
(edge ((from "a1") (to "b3")))
(edge ((from "b2") (to "a3")))
(edge ((from "a3") (to "end")))
(edge ((from "b3") (to "end"))))
Example 2/3:
Source code:
(graph ()
(node ((id "label") (label "Machine: a") (shape "plaintext") (fontname "Helvetica")))
(node ((id "0") (style "filled") (color "#CCCCCC") (shape "circle") (fontname "Helvetica")))
(node ((id "1") (shape "circle") (fontname "Helvetica")))
(node ((id "2") (shape "doublecircle") (fontname "Helvetica")))
(edge ((from "0") (to "2") (label "a") (fontname "Helvetica")))
(edge ((from "0") (to "1") (label "other") (fontname "Helvetica")))
(edge ((from "1") (to "2") (label "a") (fontname "Helvetica")))
(edge ((from "1") (to "1") (label "other") (fontname "Helvetica")))
(edge ((from "2") (to "2") (label "a") (fontname "Helvetica")))
(edge ((from "2") (to "1") (label "other") (fontname "Helvetica"))))
Example 3/3:
Source code:
(graph ()
(record ()
(node ((id "10") (label "left")))
(node ((id "11") (label "middle")))
(node ((id "12") (label "right"))))
(record ()
(node ((id "20") (label "one")))
(node ((id "21") (label "two"))))
(record ()
(node ((id "30") (label "hello\nworld")))
(record ()
(node ((id "311") (label "b")))
(record ()
(node ((id "3120") (label "c")))
(node ((id "3121") (label "d")))
(node ((id "3122") (label "e"))))
(node ((id "313") (label "f"))))
(node ((id "32") (label "g")))
(node ((id "33") (label "h"))))
(edge ((from "11") (to "20")))
(edge ((from "12") (to "3121"))))
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