Element "cluster"

Parents:graph, cluster
Child elements:cluster, sub-graph, node, record, edge
Description:A group of nodes and edges that are laid out separately and then integrated as a unit into its parent graph, with a bounding rectangle drawn about it.

If the cluster has a label parameter, this label is displayed within the rectangle. Note also that there can be clusters within clusters.
Attributes:bgcolor, color, fillcolor, fontcolor, fontname, fontsize, id (required), label, labeljust, labelloc, style
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Example 1/1:
Source code:
(graph ((nodesep "0.5"))
(node ((id "a") (label "a")))
(cluster ((id "c1") (label "c1") (style "filled") (fillcolor "#EEEEFF") (fontcolor "#900000") (fontname "Arial") (fontsize "15"))
(node ((id "b")))
(node ((id "c")))
(edge ((from "b") (to "c"))))
(cluster ((id "c2") (label "c2") (fontname "Courier") (style "dashed"))
(node ((id "d")))
(node ((id "e")))
(node ((id "f")))
(edge ((from "d") (to "e")))
(edge ((from "e") (to "f")))
(edge ((from "d") (to "f"))))
(node ((id "g")))
(edge ((from "a") (to "b")))
(edge ((from "a") (to "d") (lhead "c2") (label "lhead='c2'")))
(edge ((from "b") (to "e") (ltail "c1")))
(edge ((from "d") (to "c") (ltail "c2")))
(edge ((from "a") (to "g")))
(edge ((from "c") (to "g") (ltail "c1") (label "ltail='c1'")))
(edge ((from "f") (to "g"))))
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