Attribute "labelfloat"

Used by:edge
Description:If true, allows edge labels to be less constrained in position. In particular, it may appear on top of other edges
Values:true / false
Default Value:false
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Example 1/1:
Source code:
(graph ()
(cluster ((id "c1") (label "labelfloat='true'"))
(node ((id "a1") (label "a")))
(node ((id "b1") (label "b")))
(node ((id "c1") (label "c")))
(node ((id "d1") (label "d")))
(edge ((from "a1") (to "b1") (labelfloat "true") (label "label 1")))
(edge ((from "a1") (to "c1") (labelfloat "true") (label "label 2")))
(edge ((from "b1") (to "c1") (labelfloat "true") (label "label 3")))
(edge ((from "b1") (to "d1") (labelfloat "true") (label "label 4"))))
(cluster ((id "c2") (label "labelfloat='false'"))
(node ((id "a2") (label "a")))
(node ((id "b2") (label "b")))
(node ((id "c2") (label "c")))
(node ((id "d2") (label "d")))
(edge ((from "a2") (to "b2") (labelfloat "false") (label "label 1")))
(edge ((from "a2") (to "c2") (labelfloat "false") (label "label 2")))
(edge ((from "b2") (to "c2") (labelfloat "false") (label "label 3")))
(edge ((from "b2") (to "d2") (labelfloat "false") (label "label 4")))))
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